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A Confectionery Dream Come True

Imagine a place where every chocolate bar tells a tale of travel, taste, and joyous indulgence. Welcome to Sugar Plum Sweetery, a confectionery haven birthed from a vision as whimsical as its name suggests. In 2022, a dynamic culinary duo, Denise & David, transformed their dream into a tangible paradise for sweet aficionados in the quaint town of Mullingar. Not just a shop, but a sanctuary where every candy, every chocolate, is a crafted creation of love, designed to sweeten memories and daily life alike.

At Sugar Plum Sweetery, we believe in the extraordinary. Inspired by a world tour of the most decadent delights—from the velvety chocolates of Switzerland to the premium nuts of Italy, and the globally renowned sweets of Cologne—our secret recipes are whispers of our adventures, waiting to be savored.

The Global Quest for Perfection

Our chocolatier's journey is a testament to our commitment to quality. It is a pilgrimage that seeks the best, the purest, and the most divine ingredients the world has to offer. We have roamed the rolling hills of Switzerland, where the chocolates are as smooth as silk and as rich as gold. The experience was transformative, igniting the spark that would become the heart of Sugar Plum's chocolate-making philosophy.

In Italy, we became 'nuts about nuts.' We sought the most exquisite almonds and hazelnuts, each bursting with flavor, ready to add their crunchy symphony to our hand made chocolate bars. And in Cologne, we found inspiration in a city that attracts the finest confectionary artisans from across the globe, ensuring our pick & mix selection is second to none.

The Secret 'Invention Room'

Deep within the charming façade of Sugar Plum Sweetery lies the Invention Room, a realm where imagination melds with cocoa beans to create something magical. Here, our Master Chocolatiers are not just makers; they are artists, scientists, and storytellers, each with a passion that's palpable in every creation.

In this secret space, the air is thick with the scent of melting chocolate, and ideas float around, ready to be plucked and turned into reality. Our chocolatiers are alchemists, blending traditional techniques with innovative twists to handcraft not just chocolates, but experiences.

Signature Handmade Creations

Dive into our treasure trove of handmade chocolates and you'll find an array of bars, each with its unique charm:

  • Scrumdiddly Creations Bar: A playful concoction of marshmallows, jellies, and a sprinkle of confetti, all lovingly smothered in our signature milk chocolate. It's a celebration in a bar, a delightful treat that reminisces the joy and wonder of childhood.
  • Sugar Plum Road: Embark on a culinary journey with this indulgent milk chocolate creation, brimming with unexpected rocky surprises. From the softness of marshmallows to the crunch of our homemade honeycomb, this bar is a testament to our innovative spirit.
  • Buttery Shortbread:Experience the warmth of Irish hospitality with our buttery shortbread, enveloped in creamy milk chocolate. It's a fusion of tradition and indulgence, a pairing that comforts and excites in equal measure.
  • Salted Caramel & Vanilla Fudge: Our secret salted caramel sauce, interlaced with vanilla fudge pieces, all wrapped in our smooth milk chocolate, offers a delectable contrast of flavors that dance on the palate, creating a harmony of sweetness with a hint of salt.
  • Bueno Bliss: Surrender to the luxurious embrace of creamy hazelnut filling encased in our dreamy milk chocolate. It's a bar that speaks of sophistication, a silky-smooth encounter that's as much a pleasure as it is a treat.
  • Creamy Honeycomb: Relish the texture of our homemade honeycomb, its crispness complemented by the smoothest white chocolate, and then dipped again in milk chocolate for a double layer of lushness. It's a bar that celebrates the pure joy of chocolate in its most honest form.

Crafting the Sweet Experience

Each of our chocolate bars is more than just a treat; it's an invitation to a sensory experience. Our Tasting Box, for instance, is a curated assembly of our most recent creations, each flavor meticulously crafted to take your taste buds on a memorable journey. This box isn't just an assortment of chocolates; it's a collection of moments, of stories, and of emotions, lovingly packaged for our customers.

The Quest for Quality

The pursuit of the finest ingredients is a relentless one at Sugar Plum Sweetery. Our chocolates are not just made; they are meticulously engineered for unparalleled quality. The nuts are hand-selected for their superior texture and taste, ensuring that they enhance, rather than overshadow, the chocolate's creamy profile.

We are relentless in our search for the perfect cocoa beans, the foundation of all our chocolate delights. Our chocolatiers scrutinize the beans for their flavor profile, origin, and quality, knowing that these small kernels hold the potential to become exquisite chocolate bars that will captivate our customers.

An Award-Winning Palate Pleaser

The pinnacle of our craft is our award-winning handmade chocolate Florentine. This masterpiece is a symphony of flavors and textures, a harmonious blend that has garnered accolades but, most importantly, the affection of chocolate connoisseurs. It's not merely a bar; it's a celebration of our craft, a signature that speaks volumes of our commitment to excellence.

Indulge in Irish Handmade Chocolate

Our array of Irish handmade chocolates is an ode to the craft of chocolate making. We invite you to explore this range, to find your favorite, to discover new flavors, to fall in love with the familiar ones all over again. Each piece is handcrafted with precision and care, ensuring that from the first bite to the last, the experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

The Sweet Invitation

At Sugar Plum Sweetery, every chocolate bar is a piece of art, waiting to be admired, savored, and remembered. We don't just make chocolates; we craft stories, we create experiences, and we build memories. We invite you to step through our doors, be it virtually or in person, to indulge in the enchantment that is our chocolate. For those who cannot resist the temptation, our Mixed Slab Bar Bag is the perfect way to sample our craftsmanship.

Join us in our journey, share in our passion, and let us make your moments a little sweeter. At Sugar Plum Sweetery, every chocolate tells a story, and every story is sweet. So, here's to the memories we have yet to make, and the chocolates we have yet to taste. Indulge in our Irish Handmade Chocolate collection, and for a delightful assortment, don't forget to try our Mixed Chocolate Slab Bag.

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